A Digital Services Company run on a personal scale

SOLUTEC is a dynamic, efficient company that subscribes to the building of long-lasting relationships.


As a Digital Services Company specialised in the provision of engineering, consulting and IT services, we support our clients through each stage of the project process.

Digital transformation, company digitisation, project support and IT consulting services, production and use of IT systems: SOLUTEC is focused on achieving its client’s objectives.

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100 %
consultants are permanent employees
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Our ethos

Service provision is a passion we embody and that allows us to build meaningful client relationships.


To align ourselves with our client’s goals in order to ensure our involvement.


SOLUTEC views customer relations as human relationships. Active listening and dialogue are the keys to our success.


To forge sustainable relationships, we rely on transparency and a long-term view on partnerships.


SOLUTEC offers the assurance of services with high added value, personalised monitoring and drive for your projects.


The sustainability of the relationships we have successfully built with our clients serves to demonstrate our excellence over the long term.


Being professional is not something that develops automatically, it is a quality that builds over time. Since inception, SOLUTEC has been continually growing and improving its knowledge.

Our goals

Strong growth while always remaining true to our values.

A personal experience

Our strength: cultivating proximity and maintaining trustworthy interpersonal relations with all parties involved.
SOLUTEC ensures the provision of a dedicated point of contact to anticipate your needs and meet your expectations.

Independence & solidity

Our independence is what makes all the difference! An internal shareholding, with profits reinvested each year: SOLUTEC is an independent company. Our financial health enables us to confidently look towards the future, dedicating ourselves to all the projects we manage.

Performance & excellence

Our excellence is also underpinned by the background and operational expertise of our teams. Our stringent recruitment process allows us to identify the best potential and the candidates who are most comfortably embody the SOLUTEC ethos.

SOLUTEC innovation

In our industry, innovating means lasting.
The IT engineering industry is constantly changing: choosing us means being given the assurance of teams well-versed in the latest technological and methodological developments.

SOLUTEC has an internal structure dedicated to innovation: lab’Solutec. This unit currently allows us to work on forward-thinking technical and methodological project management solutions.

With our R&D and POC projects forming part of the innovation partnerships we have with our clients, lab’SOLUTEC cultivates ingenuity and disruptive technology!

Learn about lab’SOLUTEC

social responsibility

This is a non-negotiable for us: we aim to ensure our growth policy remains underpinned by an approach favouring sustainable development and that remains respectful of the environment and humankind.
This goal has seen the awarding of the EcoVadis Gold CSR certification, making the company one of the TOP 5% of evaluated suppliers across all categories.

Our commitments towards sustainable development:

  • We encourage the use of public transport systems..
  • We recycle waste, paper and equipment.
  • We continuously reduce our energy consumption owing to our responsible purchases that are Green-IT orientated.
  • Our Head Office complies with the VHEP (Very High Energy Performance) standard.

Our HR policy

  • We are committed to the quality of our socioprofessional relationships.
  • We are committed to equal opportunity.
  • We are committed to fair career growth opportunities.

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