Your career at SOLUTEC

Come and experience a truly personal adventure!

A word from the Managing Director

« Starting off as a Consultant, I benefited from the real career springboard SOLUTEC is. Since then, I have gone to great effort to ensure that all those who have the means can evolve and grow with the company. By joining SOLUTEC, you’d be offered a passionate challenge in a highly effective, solid company underpinned by real interpersonal relations. Now it’s up to you to tackle the challenge! »
Managing Director, SOLUTEC

Career accelerator

Looking for a dynamic career that opens up new doors? Join SOLUTEC and let your talents shine through! Define your career goal and quickly upskill working with our various clients.


  • As we are a talent incubator.
  • As we rely on you meeting your full potential.
  • As we offer you opportunities to grow within the various fields.
  • As we have the means to enhance your skills.
  • As we want your career to progress, move forward!

Personalised support

Are you looking to attain a career goal aligned with your needs?

The SOLUTEC difference resides in the support the company offers:

Your career path

Our managers will take their time to understand you and analyse your career growth aspirations in order to offer you positions most closely aligned to your profile. They will then start coaching you, to lead you towards reaching your goals.


Where ever you are based, we will have discussions and regular meetings. Looking for career growth? SOLUTEC implements a personalised growth plan to consolidate, expand and add to your skills.

Status of your career

Have your work aspirations changed? Job reviews held each year really help you to see your future career path more clearly. The goal: to have discussions so that our ambitions always remain aligned.

Two-step recruitment

Your job application will be handled by SOLUTEC recruitment teams
We have a responsive process, just two interviews :

The first interview:

As part of our first meeting, the aim is to provide you with the most possible information about our company, our clients, the work we do and the support we offer throughout your career, in addition to training.

It goes without saying that we are also looking to understand the career goals, expectations and values that define you.

The second interview:

At the second interview, we offer more concrete examples of the types of work you would be exposed to by working with our clients, and we will go into more detail with you about the potential growth opportunities.

At the end of these two interviews, we undertake to provide you with a rapid response.