Development of apps

These fields of work combine a level of technicality with creativity, teamwork and passion. They therefore naturally form the cornerstone of our business activity.

Development of apps

As a research and development engineer at SOLUTEC, you will be involved with the design and execution of various projects within our clients’ IT Management structures. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate technical diversity by providing inputs throughout all the project phases covered by the development of apps:

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Up to the challenge?

By joining our teams, you will be working on brand new projects, forging a link between technical challenges and complex software architecture. PHP, Java, C#, Javascript, C++, Python, or other. No matter what your level of expertise, preferred languages and frameworks are, we know exactly how to propose the challenge you need to tackle!

The areas we work in:

  • Website development (high-traffic / e-commerce sites, etc.),
  • Mobile apps (native / cross platform)
  • Fat client and back office applications
  • Business intelligence and big data

Our range of associated fields of work

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