Moving towards IT jobs

Looking to boost your career by joining a sector currently undergoing significant growth?

For whom?

A graduate of a General Engineering School or a science-orientated Bac +5 University degree, you are interested in new technologies and IT systems.

Your scientific mind, engineering fibre and service-mindedness will see you adding real added value to projects. You will be able to draw on your initial career path and various skills to grow rapidly within our business.


SOLUTEC would employ you on a permanent basis and would train you in the IT fields following a solid, support-based programme:

  • Employment based on identified potential
  • Training facilitated by experts during your permanent contract
  • Upskilling within the framework of the activities the company performs

We support you in this challenge and offer you individual tracking of your career path.

What avenues can be explored?

The training we offer allows you to move into the technical and functional areas of business activity at SOLUTEC:

App development engineer

Within the technical teams of our clients, you will be taking charge of the analysis, design, development and test phases for the various projects.

Infrastructure and Operations Engineer

As an Infrastructure and Operations Engineer, you are responsible for various tasks concerning maintenance in an operational condition and improvement of our clients’ IT systems.

Project Management Assistant Engineer

Working within functional teams, you will support our clients through all the project phases, and you will be responsible for forging a link between business teams and technical teams: from contextualisation of the need up to the test and acceptance testing phases, and support with change.

In which sectors ?

Vous aurez l’occasion de travailler pour nos clients dans les secteurs suivants

  • Bank/Insurance/Finance
  • The Energy industry
  • Manufacturing (Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and other, etc.)
  • Large Retailers
  • Telecommunications and Media
  • The Service industry
  • The Transport industry

What they liked at SOLUTEC

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